Annalise Koltai is a coach who will help you love your life & your work.

Annalise Koltai is a  coach whose career is built upon her obsession with what makes an excellent human, both personally and professionally. She uses a collaborative process to help clients identify their goals and implement strategies to achieve these goals, with a strengths focus. 

Formally trained as a psychotherapist, Annalise evolved into coaching due to her desire to help professionals engage in their craft in a meaningful way that produces a positive impact for themselves and others. Her coaching style is rooted in the data of positive psychology and driven by the belief that we humans are capable of change if we are willing to make it.

Annalise‚Äôs clients range from seasoned executives, to millennials, to individuals in various stages of transition, both personally and professionally. What all her clients have in common is a willingness to take radical self responsibility for choosing to create a life they love.